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  • Is there a deposit?
    Yes. A $200.00 deposit will secure your date!
  • Are both Ceremony and Reception services included?
  • Do you accept electronic payments?
    Yes! PayPal is an accepted online payment method, that includes a 5% service fee. To avoid their fee, mailed checks or money orders are accepted.
  • Can I add additional time to my event?
    Yes, additional time can be added to your contract at $99.00/Hr – or $50.00/Half hour.
  • How do you decide what music to play?
    We provide an online Music Jukebox that allows you to create a custom request list! It allows you to customize your playlist by placing songs in one of three categories: Must Play – Play If Possible – & Do Not Play.
  • What if I can’t find a song on the Music Jukebox?
    For songs not on the Jukebox, please type them out manually (Title/Artist) in the “Custom Songs” section at the bottom, and your DJ will obtain it!
  • What if Ceremony & Reception are in two different parts of my venue?
    As long as they are both on the same property, we can accommodate setups for both!
  • If I add the Photo Booth upgrade, will someone work it?
    Yes, a TC Show representative will setup and breakdown the Photo Booth, as well as create your scrapbook and USB filled drive if the Photo Booth is added to your contract.
  • When is my final balance due?
    The final balance for your event is due by the 30 day mark before your event date.
  • What does the Planning Process look like?
    We will initiate contact at 8 weeks away from your event date to begin gathering details such as your 1st Dance, and follow up again at 4 weeks away with updates. At 2 weeks away, a conference call will be scheduled for the Monday before your event to finalize all remaining details!
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