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The TC Show Guarantee

The below details outline our TC Show Guarantee that details how we will exceed your event expectations.

Party Professionals

All Party Professionals are Independent Contractors. TC Show Party Professionals

provide you and your guests with the highest standard of service on the day of your event.


Party Professionals of The TC Show will NOT consume alcohol during or at your event.


Party Professionals of The TC Show will NOT smoke during or at your event.


Party Professionals of The TC Show use professional audio services and will search and work to obtain your requested music. Our online music jukebox (request list builder) is available 24/7 and a service that is included in your DJ & Entertainment package.


Party Professionals of The TC Show will customize your event playlist to ensure that your event is enjoyable, appropriate, and tasteful for everyone in attendance. If any of your requests are unattainable by professionally licensed subscriptions, your Party Professional can still include those unattainable tracks in your event playlist if provided by you.

Audio Equipment

Party Professionals of The TC Show use a full range audio system that includes a wireless handheld and wireless lapel microphone. All equipment is setup to maintain professional standards while not becoming a potential focal point. Our setup contains no branding. Extra equipment can be added to your event upon request and at additional charges.

Premium Upgrades

The TC Show offers a variety of premium upgrade packages. You do not have to reserve your premium upgrades at the time of your initial contract signing; however, The TC Show cannot guarantee their availability at a later date. Premium upgrade packages are reserved first come, first serve and are non-refundable once contracted. 

Event Directing

Party Professionals of The TC Show will assist you with finalizing your event timeline. Your finalized timeline will ensure your expectations are exceeded. The TC Show will continue to collaborate with you, and/or your event director, during your event to ensure that you are ready and prepared before special moments are announced.


Party Professionals of The TC Show will NOT request to dine at your event; however,

if you wish to include them in your event dining plans, we happily accept.


Party Professionals of The TC Show will be dressed professionally

based on your event details.


Party Professionals of The TC Show are service professionals and do accept tips. They will not put out tip jars or ask for a tip. We all love 5 star reviews too!

Day Of

Party Professionals typically arrive 90-120 minutes prior to the scheduled entertainment start time. Upon notification, Party Professionals of The TC Show will do everything possible to accommodate special requests to arrive earlier.

Setup Location

Set-ups must be located under shelter to ensure safety from all weather conditions.


Checks, electronic, and cash are accepted methods of payment.


The TC Show has designated times during the planning process that we will initiate contact with you as we move forward. These details are outlined further on the FAQ page. We are always available to answer questions between scheduled consultations.

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